Mission Statement

This is not your typical blog. With this Website, we aim to revolutionize the way you see journalism.

As a professional journalist for eight years, I’ve covered local sports from California all the way up to central Washington, as both a writer and an editor at several different newspapers. Today, I still contribute freelance pieces to multiple publications and hope to continue to call journalism my profession.

However, as unfortunate as it is, each publication has its own agenda. The industry as a whole is struggling to get by, so decisions are being made based on what can bring income and advertising to each newspaper and magazine, and this is not entirely in the best interest of the readers.

With the freedom of our Website, we can provide readers a view they don’t typically see, one free of bias and corporate stronghold. There is no slant to the left or right. I am representing only two voices, and neither of them is dictated by company propaganda. These voices are mine and yours.

On top of being a professional writer, I’m also a huge sports fan. I’ve been one my entire life, as many of my readers will have been. My training along with my love for what I cover make a combination that should give our local community both something interesting to read, and most importantly, something it can relate to. I’m one of you, and on TheSportsInformant.com, I’m the publisher, editor and writer, which means we’ve got a lot more power now than we did before.

I’ve assembled a talented and professional team to help me build what I hope becomes a very important part of the community. With my friends and colleagues, and several contributing writers along the way, I hope to make a difference.

So I’m calling out to you for help. Send us your story ideas and we will try to cover them. Send us your frustrations or joys with local sports and we’ll shed a light on them. Send us your insights on what’s good or bad with our area teams and we’ll help represent your voice. And bring your friends and family here to see what we can create together. Because without you, we here at TheSportsInformant.com don’t really matter, and without us, you are all just yelling at the television.


Patrick Ibarra
Founder of TheSportsInformant.com

  • "I’m representing only two voices, and neither of them is dictated by company propaganda. These voices are mine and yours." -Patrick Ibarra, Founder
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