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Broadstone Barracudas lose to EDH Taz

By Susan Laird
Sports Informant Contributing Writer

The Broadstone Barracudas Swim Team lost to the El Dorado Hills Tasmanian Devils, 254-619, at the dual meet held at the Broadstone pool on June 6.

The Barracudas are one of the smaller teams in the Sacramento Suburban Swim League. The team is comprised of swimmers from El Dorado Hills and Folsom. As such, the team focuses not on winning dual meets against large teams, such as the Taz. It is a nearly impossible task. The focus, instead, is on winning individual categories of the meet, and on personal bests.

The Barracudas are especially strong in their six-and-under category and their 11-12 boys. Team scores for the six-and-unders showed the ‘Cudas beating the Taz 14-4 for girls and 10-8 for boys. The 11-12 boys beat the Taz with a close score of 40-36.

The Taz swept all of the freestyle relays of the dual meet, but the Barracudas managed to win the six-and-under freestyle relay and two of the medley relays.

Ethan Dillard led the Barracudas with three first place finishes. Jessica Tibbitts swept the events for six-and-under girls, winning the 25 yard freestyle and 25 yard backstroke events.

Barracudas with first place finishes included: Zachary Cottrell (six-and-under boys 25 yard freestyle), Ethan Dillard (11-12 boys 100 yard individual medley, 50 free, 50 yard backstroke),Parker Gordon (7-8 girls 25 yard breaststroke), Ross Greer (15-16 mens 100 back, 100 breast), Tyler Harris (11-12 boys 50 yard butterfly), Jennifer Lathrop (9-10 girls 50 free), Kyle Lopes (7-8 boys 50 free), Jacob Mitchell (7-8 boys 25 breast), Ashlie Stoddard (9-10 girls 25 fly), Katherine Tehaney (17-18 womens 100 back), Ryan Thomas (15-16 mens 50 free, 50 fly), Samantha Thomas (11-12 girls 100 free, 50 fly), Nicholas Thompson (9-10 boys 50 free, 25 fly), Eric Thomure (six-and-under boys 25 back), Jessica Tibbitts (six-and-under girls 25 free, 25 back), Kyle Wong (9-10 boys 25 breast),

Winning Barracuda relay teams included the mixed six-and-under 100 yard freestyle relay team of Jessica Tibbitts, Adam Crandall, Jillian Keegan and Eric Thomure; the 9-10 girls 100 yard medley team of Jennifer Lathrop, Brittney Sanders, Ashlie Stoddard and Megan Kozel; and the 11-12 boys 200 medley team of Ethan Dillard, Max Dillard, Ryan Neil and Vaughn Cannedy.


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  1. June 5th, 2014 at 11:12 am by ashley

    taz is better than you

  2. December 23rd, 2015 at 12:35 am by Bhavesh

    Luke, many congratulations on your reecnt success in Oxford. As always you are a credit to the game of golf, and a true ambassador for Broadstone Golf Club. The whole club wishes you every success in the future. Captain JT.

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