Kobe's shown greatness this year, but he's still a Laker. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

Dynasty Dual Creates Rooting Problem


It’s hard to figure out who to root for in the NBA Finals right now. While the Los Angeles Lakers are struggling, and I usually support the underdog, I’m not quite sure I can stomach becoming a Lakers fan, even for just a week.

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Welcome Readers!

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For those of you just joining us after reading the June 6 print edition of the Sacramento Union, welcome. The purpose of my blog isn’t to sell a product, but to shed some light on the voice in my head, which never seems to shut up, and rambles on about everything in sports all over the world, not just Sacramento.

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Faber pulverized Jens Pulver. (Photo courtesy Greg Ashman)

Sacramento: An MMA Ghost Town


In one week, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts went from obsolete to absolutely amazing in Sacramento, thanks to hometown slugger Urijah Faber and his total revival of lightweights in fighting.

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Fighters with Class


Whoever said ultimate fighting is a sport for brutes didn’t meet the two guys squaring off in Sunday night’s main event at Arco Arena. After spending some time with them on Friday, I’m almost convinced this sport has some of the most well-rounded athletes available.

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“We can drink from the cup a little easier”

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Yesterday my younger brother Sean, a junior at Washington State University, a school only an hour from Spokane, Wash., sent me a text at work telling me to check out the newest YouTube video everyone would be talking about. He said the Spokane Chiefs, the minor league hockey team we watched when I was in college in Spokane at Gonzaga University, had finally made the national spotlight, only not for what we had all hoped was the reason.

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