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Folsom High’s Dano Graves named National Player of the Year

By Patrick Ibarra
Editor announced today that Folsom High School quarterback Dano Graves is its selection for National Player of the Year.

The announcement, which came online this morning, followed a stellar season by Graves, who passed for 3,702 yards and 62 touchdowns, while also rushing for 994 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Folsom High's Dano Graves runs in for a touchdown earlier this season. (Photo courtesy of Tom Paniagua)

Say what? Yes, the numbers are mind-blowing. It was a record-setting performance by a guy who stands just 5-foot-9, and at 185-pounds.

I’ve spoken with Graves multiple times as his high school career progressed and what most impressed me was that although he understood the talents he was given, he never once acted like the champion he has become. Some players know they are good, and so they act like they are untouchable. Graves always acted like he was on a joyful ride he never expected to be on, one he wanted to ride as long as possible with glee, like a child at a carnival.

That ride took his team a shocking Division II Sac-Joaquin Section title win over former state champion Grant High School this year, the only team to hand Folsom a loss this season. It also took the Folsom Bulldogs to the Division II state championship, where again Graves shined on a big stage to bring home a victory.

Graves deserves everything he gets, and today, at 10 a.m. in his high school’s gym, he’ll be presented the award by It’s a big honor, one I’m sure he’ll be overwhelmed to get, just like everything else.


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