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Kings fans speak up about possible move

By Kelly Davis Rackham
Sports Informant Contributor

As the NBA wraps up the regular season, Kings fans are left in limbo. Will Sacramento be home to an NBA team next season, or will it return to obscurity?

I refuse to speculate on the outcome, but the debate is getting interesting. One minute it looks like they are leaving, the next, billionaire Ron Burkle wants to buy the team. We just have to play the waiting game.

As we await the decision, I spoke to several Kings fans who shared their memories and thoughts on the subject.

Jessica S. remembered, “I was always so proud that we were the loudest fans in the NBA. I’d always yell so loud and stomp my feet to help the meter raise the flames. I’ll miss you Sacramento Kings.”

Fans plead to keep the Kings in Sacramento at a recent home game. (Photo courtesy of Greg Ashman)

Michael M. recalled a favorite memory at the Arena.

“One particular game in 2006, I was fortunate enough to have court-side seats,” he said. “It was great. As the team brought the ball down the court, I could see things from a ground-level perspective and could see the plays develop as the players would see it. It was awesome. Being close to the court, the players could actually hear me when I would yell out some form of unsolicited advice. For example, if there was someone open and trailing on the left side of the court, I would yell out ‘Look left, look left.’ It was way cool.

“On one particular play the Kings had the ball and for some reason they were not passing to the guard who was wide open at the 3-point line near the top of the arch.  Instead they were playing everything low. So I yelled out ‘Up top. Wide open. What are you doing? Pass the ball out.’ At which point my then girlfriend, who is now my wife, shushed me and said, ‘That’s (Ron) Artest. Don’t piss him off.’”

Dave P. had a hard time coming up with any positive comments, though, “considering the way the team as been managed by the Maloofs over the last five years or so.”

“We had a great team, they dismantled it, demanded the town build them an area with a horrible product while they are eating $6,000 burgers on TV,” he said. “Now they are going broke and are looking for a rich sugar daddy to set them up in another town while possibly escaping Sac without paying of their loan with (money).

“As a season ticket holder for 23 years until 2007, I did go to my last Kings game Monday and if Petrie can do his job they might just be a pretty good team in a few years, but unfortunately it may be too late for us in Sacramento.”

I will weigh in again as negotiations progress.


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