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One way to change the way a losing season is going is to remove everyone involved in it. At least that’s what the Kings think.

After firing coach Reggie Theus earlier this season for underperformance, the Kings traded a whole lot of players before Thursday’s deadline with a “clean house” mentality. The moves weren’t all that surprising, but the result just may be. (By the way, for full stories on it all, visit, or check out next week’s Sacramento Union newspaper.)

The Kings unloaded a good deal of baggage with the deals, but brought in a handful of players not really expected to make a difference. In one instance, they traded for Sam Cassell of the Boston Celtics then waived him, simply to make a little cash.

The rest of the incoming players boast some talent, but none are superstars, which a team desperately looking for a leader needs more than anything right now. It’s obvious the Kings are settling for another pathetic season, and plan on hiding out in the basement until the NBA Draft. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing right now. Nothing else was working.

So the Kings save a whole bunch of money with these new trades, much like they did when they got ride of Mike Bibby and Ron Artest. Neither of those latter two trades did the Kings any good, though, at least not yet. Let’s hope these ones do.

If nothing else, the Kings are creating so much cap space they could fill Arco Arena with the money and invite any top free agents next year to take it. Maybe that’s the plan. If it is, good luck enticing LeBron James, Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh to call Sacramento home next season. Who needs New York when they can have Sacramento? Who needs to go somewhere they can win a title (other teams looking for a free agent star that are NOT the Knicks) when they can come here and help the Kings possibly get to .500 next year?

When you’re one of the worst teams in the league, one that just handed an average point guard star money and whose superstar guard is constantly hurt, it’s a tough time landing a player the caliber the Kings really need, no matter how much money you throw at him. But hey, the Kings are gonna try, and after two years of planning and several years of terrible play, fans will take anything at this point.


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