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For those of you just joining us after reading the June 6 print edition of the Sacramento Union, welcome. The purpose of my blog isn’t to sell a product, but to shed some light on the voice in my head, which never seems to shut up, and rambles on about everything in sports all over the world, not just Sacramento.

OK, that’s not entirely accurate. The voice goes away sometimes, but my emotions don’t. Nearly every day there’s something going on in athletics that sparks my interest, and here I get to share that with you. While my job in print is to cover local sports for our community, my blog lets me expand my horizons. I’m no longer limited by space and word count, giving me the opportunity to cover everything from a local t-ball game to the NBA Finals. Expect to read everything between, too, whether it be about local high school, college and pro teams, or more worldwide sports coverage dominating national headlines.

Don’t expect to know what’s coming next, though. In fact, I dare you to predict my next blog. Leave a comment on the end of this piece with your guess. The winner gets a million dollars. No, that’s not true. I can’t confirm that without a request to my publisher first. I’m not sure he’ll approve. So instead, I’ll offer you a shout out, a mentioning of your wisdom to all who dare take a peek at my musings.

The beauty of this is the possible interaction. Shoot, your comments may be the spark I need to keep writing, and ultimately, the two people willing to read my stuff deserve to be heard. So keep reading Sacramento, and the world, because as long as this window to vent stays open, I’m gonna crawl through it and tell the stories you want to hear (or read), and sometimes, even the ones you don’t. Hey, it’s my job to keep you thinking, so let’s get started right now…

Riddle: What’s the difference between the San Francisco Giants’ Barry Zito and workers in a union?

Answer to come in my next blog…


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  1. June 9th, 2008 at 12:26 pm by DCarter

    This is great. Need more of it. DCarter

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