What a Tease…

Diary of a Cage Fighter's Wife.

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Ok, so I promised readers of the print edition of The Sacramento Union that I’d have a story on my blog about Tamera and Todd Sturgis’ journey into movie making. But as I began working on the story, I realized it’s too interesting to not put in our newspaper.

Both truck drivers full time, the couple stepped out of the big rig and shared an adventure into the world of Mixed Martial Arts just for the heck of it. Most people go see a scary movie for the heck of it. Some try that new Mexican restaurant for something new. Heck, some step into the wild side by running away to San Francisco for the weekend. But rarely, if ever, does a couple decide to join one of the more brutal sports in America, record it for kicks, and show the whole world.

Tamera and Todd did. They took a video camera, a background in wrestling, and an interest in cagefighting, and jumped in like gladiators thrown in a lion’s pit. Only Todd jumped in willingly, and Tamera thought it’d be fun to tag along and see if he could slay the King of the Jungle. I won’t tell you if he did or not, you’ll have to see the movie yourself for the ending, but I will tell you I’m glad they tried.

Their movie, “Under Pressure: Diary of a Cage Fighter’s Wife,” while in a documentary setting I usually dislike, kept me intrigued throughout. Here are two Sacramento-area folks, no different than you or I, diving into a world of animals and trained barbarians. Don’t misunderstand my tone, I love MMA, and I think the fighters in the sport are amazing athletes. But I’m not jumping in the cage with them any time soon. When a guy in an interview tells a reporter he’s going out there to send his opponent to the hospital, and no less, it’s a sport I’d rather watch than play, mainly because I’d be the guy receiving flowers and balloons by the end of the night.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. The bottom line is that I want to tell you their story, and I will. Pick up the Feb. 20 issue of the newspaper to read it. Tamera and Todd deserve as much coverage as they can get after what they went through. Anything less is highway robbery, and for two truckers, that’s the difference between thriving and surviving.

So stay tuned, there’s more to come.


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