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Will they rise? A fan’s perspective on the Kings

By Kelly Davis Rackham
Sports Informant Contributing Writer

The past few years have been pretty dismal at Arco Arena in Sacramento. Game after game, the Kings stayed competitive through the first three quarters, only to lose momentum, and ultimately the game in the final 12 minutes. 

This year however, something has changed. There’s a strength we haven’t seen before – an endurance – and so much potential. With a 3-3 record to start the season, our boys in purple have shown that they have what it takes to finish the game in style. They have managed to come back from a huge deficit to win two of those games in the fourth quarter. How refreshing!

This season, when I’m watching and we’re down by 10 at the end of the third, I am not discouraged. I know that anything can happen, and I believe that the team has the ability and the energy to turn it around. This is a young team, with speed and endurance to run the floor. They can be exciting to watch and will only get better with practice.

Their slogan is “Here We Rise” and I believe it. Will we win the championship? Not likely. But with the current roster, there is enough talent and heart to take the Kings to the playoffs, and I think that Sacramento is ready for that!


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